Our Old Stoop Garden

Where it all began...

Interesting little backstory... West Oak Design began as a blog that my husband and I started back in 2009 when we were living in the West Oak Lane neighborhood of Philadelphia. We wanted to show that anyone could garden and you didn't need a single blade of grass to do it. 

On our 155 sq ft concrete patio we grew 7 tomato varieties, peas, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, kale, 5 potato varieties, peppers, mesclun greens, and herbs. Our little garden even won Honorable Mention in the Philadelphia Horticultural Society's City Gardens Contest.

I started the majority of the plants from seed in our basement using nothing more than a folding table, 2 shop lights, a timer, and seed starting trays.

I drew up some plans for our stoop garden and a 2 tier raised bed. My husband Steve built the first bed. We grabbed the bricks from our homemade fire pit and created another. An obscenely heavy soapstone sink from our basement became a bed as well.

Enjoying our first salad...

tomatoes and salad greens...

potatoes grown in buckets..


This was our garden the year before...

Our shoe storage herb garden haha... (it was never used for shoes)

I quickly realized I needed a heavyweight hanging system for the following year.

I just wanted to get this post out there to reassure you that growing your own food can be done just about anywhere. We are fortunate to have a nice big yard to play with now but I miss our little stoop garden.

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